Broome’s TOP 5!

Well it’s that time again. Time to hit the road, time to reflect, time to well, GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!!!

It was nice for a while, yes nice.  Broome has it’s pros and its cons, It also has it’s staying time limit, (which we exceeded and pushed out to the max!!)

I have decided to post my top 5 things to do in Broome.  I have only picked 5 because, well that was even pushing it so, here they are.

  • Number 1: VISIT CABLE BEACH!!

This should be  a no Brain-er really, I mean what else would you visit Broome for?  Yes It looks like the pictures you see in the                       magazines. Yes it is everything you could possibly imagine, and YES you will go and visit it everyday (well almost), whether                         you are in Broome for 3 days or 3 months!! P.S Camels are cute (sometimes) but they really STINK!!!


I have recently posted about this so wont go into too much detail. However, this truly is an actual Croc farm!  No airs                                       and graces just a farm with Crocs and a few (very few) other Australian animals.  Interesting and fun!

  • Number 3: THE MANGROVES.

I only visited the Mangroves for the first time last Sunday and, WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS BEFORE??????                       Apparently it is the best place to watch the Staircase to the moon! Well of course it is! And had I have know this I totally                    would have went there, instead of the elbow to elbow fighting arena at town beach!! The mangroves is a hotel/resturant and                          every Sunday they have a jumping castle for the kids and it really is just a stunning venue!

  • Number 4:  TOWN BEACH.

This is a great little place, especially if you have kids!  Everyday except Tuesday, they have the water park on.       There is also a                     dry park right next to it.  A small restaurant sits on the shoreline over to the side of the playground serving breakfast and lunch.                    It is a nice place to relax and let the kids run free for the morning and the views are spectacular and ever changing.


Gantheaume Point is amazing to look at!  It boasts views of the coast that are pure and incredible.  It has a lighthouse and the                        famous dinosaur footprints can be accessed at extremely low tide.  And at high tide there is a pool called Elizabeth’s pool,                               (however it was closed while we were here).

So there you have it My TOP 5 things to do in Broome. There are a couple of places of interest that I found  like, Matso’s Brewery.  And,  I do have 1 honorable mention for the surrounding areas though.  And that is Cape Leveque!  Broome is a good base to leave your van or hire a 4×4 and visit the Cape leveque area.  Cygnet Bay pearl farm, Lombardina, Beagle Bay, Middle lagoon and Kooljamin. All of these areas and more make up the Lombardi coast and are a must do and see.  If you’ve come this far, you may as well right?

Well  we only have 1 week left in Broome before we head down the inland road towards Perth.  We will however be heading back up the coastal road in a few weeks though, so I will post more of what the north west has to offer at a later date.  And then on to Bigger and Definitely Better things, so keep watching.

I will leave you with a few highlights of our time here in Broome. (roll the nostalgic tear jerking music, hehe)

Peace xx



  • Cable beach sunset

    Cable Beach North side at low tide

    a red Camel

    Cable Beach

    Staircase to the moon (viewed from town beach)

    Gantheaume Point looking north

    Gantheaume point looking West

    Port beach jetty

    The port

    The port 2

    Town Beach

    Middle lagoon taken by Courts!

    The three brave men!

    The three brave men!




Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Park.

Today started like every other day. Courts, “MUUUMMM, Im bored, can we do something fu-un today?” So we made cookies, swam in the pool, ate the cookies and swam in the pool some more. AND….As there was minimal fighting, (Ju-Jitzu/ WWF/WWE/street, you name it, it has happened this holidays) amongst them during the mornings play, I decided that I would take them to the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Park just outside Broome. We arrived at the park and entered through a huge Crocodile head, (yes Zara needed encouraging). Next we Headed straight towards a pen with over 70 STARVING, (or so you would think) saltwater crocodiles in it! 3pm was the feeding show and we were just in time! It started by a talk on what was going to happen and yadda, yadda, yadda, once you’ve been to one croc farm you’ve been to them all right? But then……Dave, (yes we got to know our guide) bought out a bucket of 6mo little crocs for everyone to hold, YAY!! We proceeded to follow Dave around as he fed the Salty’s, the American Alligators,(or Ag-li-gators as Isac would say) and the Freshies! It was a really great park. Now those of you that know me, know I’m not a huge, (or even a tiny) animal of any kind fan. And I definitely took the kids to the park FOR THE KIDS. (I have been known to take the kids, “as a disguise” for my wanting to go) But I remember Malcolm Douglas from my younger days, and maybe nostalgia kicked in, But I actually had a great time! Watching the kids be interactive, get frightened by the big one jumping at them, and their faces when they found the hiding Echidna or owl was priceless, and a great end to a great day! And yes, there are a few other animals available to gawk at while you venture through the park, however its not that big and you cannot feed the kangaroos or things like that. It is mainly Crocodiles! The park is only open from 2-5pm everyday except Christmas day and is relatively well priced, (in comparison to things around here). As we wind up our time here in Broome (4 weeks to go YAY!!!), I want to make sure we have experienced all it can offer, and today’s visit has ticked another item of our “must do in Broome list”. Which I will post soon!! Peace, Ab xx

Eating Cookies

Eating Cookies


The Entrance

IMG_4154 IMG_4155 IMG_4174

American Aligators

American Aligators

Another "Ag-li-gator"

Another “Ag-li-gator”

The White Dingo!

The White Dingo!


Mr Red Kangaroo

Mr Red Kangaroo

Mr Echidna

Mr Echidna

The three brave men!

The three brave men!

Mr Malcolm Douglas himself, well, er, his cardboard/aluminum self!

Mr Malcolm Douglas himself, well, er, his cardboard/aluminum self!

Shinju matsuri festival Broome!

So for the past week Broome has held it’s 44th annual Shinju matsuri festival! It started last Friday, 5th September. They woke sammy the dragon (he sleeps for the other 51 weeks of the year) and he’s been dancing around the town here and there for the last ten days! They say he blesses everyone, but it’s extra special if he stops at you! Many events have been held such as, comedy & circus acts, burlesque performance, a long lunch & a masquerade ball.
Yesterday the kids and I went to the dragon boat race. It was really funny watching amateurs give it a good go but head around in circles or the opposite direction!
Tonight we headed down to cable beach to watch the closing ceremony of the festival! Sammy was put back to sleep after a run through the crowd and more blessings. There were mini dragons, bands, circus kids and amazing fireworks. All this while sitting and dancing the night away with my favourite little people on the grass of the amphitheater overlooking the beach!
Such a great experience.








Cape Leveque (finally)

On Friday 5/9/14 We headed up to Cape Leveque! yes finally we made it! Broome is becoming smaller by the day to me, however i have met some lovely friends as have the children.
So back to Cape Leveque….
Our first stop was Beagle Bay. We pulled in to see the famous Sacred Heart church. It was more than worth it. Church on a Friday, definitely a first for me, however, indeed a highlight of our trip. We were staying at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm the first night, but were a little early so headed into Kooljaman to see what all the fuss was about. (still none the wiser). It was expensive to visit, and was not at all like the photos. However we did experience “firsts” here…The girls tried snorkeling for the first time EVER right here at the tip of WA. It was a very fun experience to both endure and watch!! (hehe still laughing!)
I love how travel has made us more aware of who we are as individuals and more excepting of each other.
From Kooljaman, we headed to Cygnet Bay pearl farm where we checked in, set up and relaxed on the beach until it was time for our dining experience. And what an experience it was. I ordered the Pearl Meat pasta, (because why wouldn’t you….when in Rome, etc.) And the kids had fish and chips. REAL FISH!!
They said that it’s the best time to order the pearl meat because they are in their harvest season and it comes in fresh everyday! IT WAS DELICIOUS. Tougher than a scallop but oh so very sweet!!! so glad that i tried it and highly recommend.
The next morning, (Saturday) we did a tour of the Farm and learned about the harvesting and grading of the pearls. The girls, (especially princess Zara), were very interested in how the “luster” of the pearls determined the quality the most and were trying to see themselves in every pearl we were shown! Zara and I tried on a necklace worth $14,000, and held others worth a bit less. We handled and rolled around a single $3000+ pearl and delighted in handling other Very “out of our price range” items. Of course the Boat was Isac’s favorite part. (as were the tractors working outside the gallery).
From there we headed to Middle Lagoon, south of cape Leveque. The locals really rave about this place, they say that it is better than Kooljaman, and now having been to both we would agree! The bay and the water and the sunset……You have to see it to believe it!
We were walking to the lookout to watch the sunset and to our surprise a bloke called out, “Daggs do OZ”!! its funny who you see on the other side of the country! At Easter in mount surprise, there was a couple who came up for the first time, (who also won the inaugural bocce tournament) and recognized us because at bocce we had our “Daggs do oz” shirts on!! Ha!! hows that? it was a great chat!
Anyway, below are a few, (okay more than a few), pictures that tell a thousand words!
Ab xxIMG_3581.JPG






























Broome, the beginning!

So it’s been 2 weeks in Broome and so far we feel like we’ve came and conquered! The girls had a blast at their sports carnivals, Isac has started riding without his training wheels and I,(well apart from being super sick for the last 6 days) have found the quickest routes from here to there and back again!! (Nowhere is too far away in Broome! ). Today we spent the afternoon at our favourite place, Cable beach! It started with a frozen yoghurt, and then a swim while we watched our first west coast sunset. The smoke from a fire up near middle lagoon made the pinks pinker and reds redder. The beach was filled with people standing and starring, not unlike a scene from city of angels. And as the sun fell below the horizon a slight universal gasp was carried across the shoreline! As everyone held their breath for just that slight moment in time! I do feel like I witnessed something really special, we did feel as though we were the only ones on the beach! So much so in fact that it was unanimously decided in the car on the way home, that Fridays are now called “fun-day Fridays” and we will go from school to the beach until sunset, enjoy each others company, and grab take away on the way home!! Note: courts has gym trials Monday so if she has gym Fridays then we will have “super sunset Saturdays” instead!! (Priorities of course!)
So here are a few pics from our first “fun day Friday” enjoy!
Peace xIMG_3120.JPG









Gibb River Road!

On Thursday July 17,2014, us Aussie Daggs set out to conquer the great Gibb River Road (GRR)!
Having spent the previous 3 nights at the Kununurra show grounds speaking to travellers that had been towed in off the GRR, conquer, seemed to be the appropriate word to use!
Perhaps it is horrific I thought to myself! Nervously we stocked up on our supplies, batteries, water, bread, fuel, beer, and planned the first leg precisely. We all were excited to set off on our GRR adventure and couldn’t wait to see what scenery lay ahead! Kids in the back rearing to go with their towels covering the windows so they didn’t miss anything………in their movies!!!!
We thought our first stop was going to be russ creek however upon approaching the area, the water looked very scary and the place itself was not very inviting. So we drove on to the actual Gibb river, 57.6k south of drysdale station, on the Mitchell falls road. A beautiful little oasis with clear running water safe to swim in. We picked a spot that looked secluded, peaceful and flat, a nice little over nighter! Driving in on the sand was going ok until…….nek minnut…… Bogged!!! A few choice words and 1•5 hrs later all was good again! Domie up, beer in hand and dinner on! Aaahhh bliss! Our little over nighter turned out to be 4 nights. In that time we saw 3 more vehicles get bogged, stopped 3 and 1 of those we wished we hadn’t stopped!! Again we chatted to some know it all nomads who told us what to put in our pots and how to catch a fish etc, but mostly we swam, relaxed, made cubbies and all of those horrible things!
Whilst at the Gibb river we also saw vans and cars being towed out. The road was fantastic! The worst of it was a little corrugated but most of it freshly graded and the grader was on the road both sides of the GRR. And on the inclines the road is sealed!
From the Gibb river we visited Galvans gorge. The most idyllic waterfalls with warm water coming off the rocks to meet the cool pool below. It creates a perfect temperature to sit and take it all in. The kids and I jumped out of the tree!!!
From there we headed to our next over nighter, lennards river! It wasn’t our first choice, that was March fly glen, however it was about as inviting as it’s name suggests so off to our second choice lennards river! Couldn’t / wouldn’t swim there but a nice view none the less. The only bad thing was people, “backpackers”, don’t know how to dig a hole, so toilet paper was everywhere!
Next stop, tunnel creek. About 35k past winjana gorge toward fitzroy crossing, is this amazing creek that runs through a limestone cavern. It is 750 Mtrs long and in places the water was mid thigh deep. It was riddled with bats that hang from the stalagmite formations and for a few Mtrs at a time it was pitch black! We needed torches and water shoes for this experience but it was so worth it! Highly recommended!!
This leads us out off the GRR. We are now on the highway at a billabong for the night between fitzroy river and Derby, heading toward Derby for a few days of fishing, crabbing and hanging out!
Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister, who was loosing faith and not believing that I would move hell or high water to speak to her on her birthday!! 290k &5 hrs driving on a bumpy dirt track just to say happy birthday and I love you……….. Yep! All worth it xxxx 🙂
Peace xx














Crossed the border yesterday morning! Even though we were prepared to go through customs check point it was a bit nerve racking! We had a bag prepared with a few left over tomatoes and lettuce, we handed it to the man. Asked about the popping corn but it was ok and so were the frozen veges. He didn’t make us open the camper and go through our food box. Just asked if we had any honey or veges in there! He went through our fridge but all was good. We were on our way in about 15 mins!
Now we are in Kununurra. It is so much bigger than we expected and there are heaps of things to do. I’m most excited about going to lake argyle and swimming in the infinity pool! ( pics for sure)
But the next few days will be exploring and preparing for our gibb river road trek! Another bucket list item to be checked off!!!



From Camooweal we ventured to tennent creek (aka, the outback ghetto). An interesting night stay at the caravan park in our domie! We met some great people, Merideth n andrew and have even bumped into them a few times since. 110 k south of tennent creek was where my excitement kicked in. I have wanted to visit the devils marbles since I was 10 so to be able to finally get there and with my own kids was truly wonderful! It was as captivating as I had imagined it would be! NO it is not just rocks, it is spectacular! Next to BANKA BANKA out station. I have already reviewed this place thoroughly on the FB pg and there isn’t much else to say! We absolutely loved it! The place, the caretakers, the animals and the vibe. Do yourself a favour and drop in you won’t be disappointed! (Unless you’re a whiney old grey nomad that doesn’t like generators)
From BANKA BANKA up to mataranka,(via a quick look at the larrimah pink pub……um yeah interesting), where we visited both the homestead springs and bitter springs. Courts fed a barramundi and there were donkeys and peacocks and wallabies. On to Katherine for a stay at manbulloo. We did the walk up to the look out at the gorge and it was a roughy but the kids were awesome! They all climbed to the top on their own and most of the way Isac was saying out loud,” I’m doing great, I’m doing really awesome” it was very entertaining.
After the gorge climb we swam at the hot springs and although they were cooler than the springs at mataranka, they were just as lovely.
An interesting, (and dangerously unsafe, life threatening), grocery shop, lead to a feeling of even more excitement to be on our way into our next destination, Kakadu. At Gunlom we walked to the top of the waterfall to swim. It was breathtaking! At Maguk we walked 2 k along a rocky track, often underwater where the signs say, crocodiles keep out of water, to a tranquil, deep pool. There the girls and I swam to the bottom and touched the waterfall! Freezing yes, but worth doing!! A stop over at gunnamar ( the closest camp to jim jim and twin falls) was picturesque in itself! We drive 20k to where the boat picks you up. On the way we had to cross a croc infested river where the water came up to the bonnet! A short boat ride through stunning gorge cliffs, and then another walk over boulders and along cliff escarpments ( not unlike an old cowboys v Indians fight scene) led us to the base of twin falls! Two spring fed falls flowing in harmony parallel to each other into a pool with a beautiful beach edge. Such a beautiful sight, unfortunately marred by the knowledge that if you get to close to the water you could become food!
Next we stopped at nourlangie to view original rock art. Some looked orthentic, whilst other bits looked liked it was probably drawn there for the season!
A quick drive in (and straight out) of Jabiru, then onto our final 2 nights in kakadu at the aurora lodge camp grounds! All in all we loved kakadu. The mozzies were monstrous but manageable, we met 2 people that were from Bentley park and had a great time exploring the waterfalls and enjoying the campfire!
Now Darwin, where we will catch up with great friends, enjoy laughs and hopefully get some work lol!







Hi I’m back✌️✌️✌️
Today we got onesies and there really cool
I miss all my friends & family soooo much
I’m in Katherine right now it’s sLoo beautiful
It’s 8:00pm so I better get going

Blog tomorrow



Farewell Queensland!

It’s the morn of our last day in Queensland
So I thought id sit for a spell
& pen all my thoughts, stories & more,
Believe me there’s plenty to tell.
We started our journey excited,
A young man, 3 kids and his wife,
We headed down south, west then southwest,
To fletchers creek where the sign said -live life!!
Day 3 saw us in a disaster,
Miss Zara she let out a scream
She was dancing and fell in the fire
Off to hospital in charters to be seen!
At charters we stayed at the big 4,
Jo butler bought the kids for a play,
Wood fired pizzas, grey nomads, scones, billy tea.
Got hospital clearance and left the next day.
Aramak, the first night in our “domie”
It was cold, exciting & fun,
The sunset from my kitchen “window”
Was up there with my favourite one!
Next through Barcaldine & then on to Longreach,
Yes 2 weeks in and it’s still such a thrill,
41 emus, 1 goanna, lots of sheep a few cows,
21 live kangaroos, the rest were road kill!
Longreach was not what we expected,
we Visited the stockmans hall of fame,
4 days was too long, we were happy to leave
Next stop Winton where waltzing Matilda was first played
The Age of the Dinosaurs, it has us believing,
But the water was so bad, the taste & the stink!!
I had the best lamb shanks that I’ve ever eaten,
The musical wall was more fun than you’d think!
From Winton we drove through to marathon,
at Richmond we stopped for some pics,
Another great night in the “domie”,
But a call to my sis left me homesick!
Up to the Gregory river we drove,
where the locals were a colourful bunch.
We met “AUNTY ERICA”, but it was too rowdy here,
We Set off again, BUT, what was that CRUNCH?
22 Ks out of Adels grove it happened,
Our first flat tyre, we got such a shock!
I threw down the spare, the jack and the tools,
It was punctured by a sharp bloody rock!
Adels grove was a big waste of money,
$45 per night with no power
We met some people from isa who gave us a tip
The best thing was we had a hot shower!
Through lawn hill to the best place in QLD!
Mellish park, you turn left at the sign!
The roos came down drinking, kids swam dawn to dusk,
And the roast that I cooked was Devine!
Next was 3 weeks in Cloncury,
Gav had a few days work to do,
The best thing in the “curry”? It’s library!
Free book reading, craft & bikkies too!!
In Mount Isa we stopped for a cuddle,
I had not seen moo for Some time!
She looked gorgeous all preggers, we had a great chat,
Then left before my kids changed her mind!! Lol
Out toward the border we headed,
But alas, a light, THE FUEL FILTER!!
So we turned straight around for Toyota and fixed it,
Then again headed off, only faster!
We finally made it to Camooweal,
The Georgina river was our port of call!
An ideal spot, by the river we found!
It was magical, cold wind and all!
So that sums up our travels in QLD!
I had so much more I could say,
But I leave you with this,
8 yrs I’ve waited………. BUT…
I crossed the border a QUEENSLANDER today!!!

Goodnight from NT!!

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The Button Lady

Vintage Button Creations

Of Itchy Feet and Beyond

"Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow" - Anita Desai

Aussie Daggs

The Daggs are travelling Australia! Watch what happens here :)

The Exercise Hitlist

Keeping active and motivated by working my way through the hitlist...BAM!

Meredith's Travel Blog

On the road with Merry and Andrew

At Home With Vintage Poppy....

Helping make your home pretty shabby.